About Yescom Media

Yescom Media is an independent branding agency in Patna dealing in different kinds of advertising services; Hoarding, Auto Advertising, Bus Advertising, Led Van, Led Wall, Cab Branding, Wall painting, Digital Wall Media, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We strive to offer high-quality advertising ideas and campaigns that produce concrete results and long-term business growth and expansion. Advertising is becoming an integral component of running a successful business. It enables businesses to compete and stay ahead of the competition.

The market is changing all across the world, and so should the brands. To help generate interest and raise awareness among the target audience and maintain the existing customer base, advertising is one of the most important things that is required by businesses. Because when done effectively, it has the potential to affect consumer behaviour and generate potential leads which is the ultimate goal of the sellers.

We Have Successfully Rebranded Many Companies In India


Hoardings are large-sized boards placed at a height so that they can be seen from a distance.

Auto Advertising

Auto Advertising is a part of vehicle advertising done to create awareness about the brand at a lower cost.

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising is a powerful and cost-effective form of media used by advertisers to reach the public.

Led Van

LED Van is an effective advertising method using LED display screens to advertise products and services

Led Wall

LED walls are large panels composed of light-emitting diodes displaying video as a computer monitor does

Cab Branding

Cab advertising, a type of vehicle advertising, uses cabs or taxis to market products and services to clients

Wall painting

A marketing technique involving painting advertisements on walls.

Digital Wall media

Wall painting advertising is marketing products on walls.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing uses digital channels to advertise.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing uses social platforms to advertise.

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Proven Results

Y Media prepares a customised strategy as per your business needs and goals to reach the target


Honesty and ethics

We are committed to helping our clients achieve higher rankings, increased traffic and conversions


Customers First

Keeping our promises and showing up on time are hallmarks of our commitment to our clients.


15 Years Experience

We are a team of experienced professionals working in the field of digital marketing for 15+ years.

Advertise with us and witness your brand grow.

So, if you are also interested in building your brand, creating awareness, and generating leads, then connect with us. The professionals at our company will help your brand reach a broader audience using offline and online advertising platforms.