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Imphal is the capital city of Manipur and part of the Smart Cities Mission initiated by the government. Many small-scale and large-scale industries have been set up recently. These industries have attracted many advertising agencies in the city.

Knowing the importance of advertising in the current market scenario, Yescom Media, the best advertising agency in Imphal, offers various advertising ideas and campaigns for the growth of your business.

Advertising Services in Imphal Offered by Yescom Media 

As the best advertising agency in Imphal, we offer innovative methods for brands to develop in the corporate sector. We tackle the desires and needs of the target consumers, which benefits enterprises. As a result, Yescom Media has earned a reputation as the no.1advertising group in Imphal.

Yescom Media is the top advertising agency in Imphal due to the following :

Best Digital Marketing Services in Imphal

We own a team of knowledgeable professionals who can create effective advertising campaigns. Our digital marketing team has expertise in the internet market in Imphal, content marketing and SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which includes Local SEO and Technical SEO. We emphasise on providing the best facilities to our clients so that their websites rank at the top of the search engines.

Creative and Highly Skilled Team in Imphal

At Yescom Media, we constantly look for innovative ideas to improve our services and your business's growth and visibility in the market. We seek the best ideas and services to capture the target audience's attention. Some of them are :

LED Van Advertising 

Yescom Media has offered advertisements using LED Vans for more than ten years. These vans have unique LED displays that travel on roads and draw attention. LED advertisements are more appealing than traditional advertising methods, making your brand easily visible to the general public.

LED Wall Advertisement 

In the past, traditional marketing services dominated the industry. However, with the passage of time and fierce competition, it is crucial to have a strategy for fast reaching a large number of individuals. The most effective choice is an LED wall ad. Our top LED Wall Advertising agency promotes brands so that the general public will notice them.

Taxi/Cab Advertisement

Yescom Media is an affordable advertisement company in Imphal for advertising through Taxi/Cabs. Advertisements on taxis and cabs are outdoor advertising that reaches busy spots like airports, bus stops and even railway stations. Hence, they are efficient in catching people's attention and promoting your business by exposing your brands.


Hoardings are the most common form of outdoor advertisement that existed at times when other forms of advertisements were not popular. Yescom Media provides three types of hoarding advertisements. They are :

  • Billboard Advertisement
  • Wallscapes Advertisement
  • Unipoles Advertisement

Wall Paintings

Wall paintings require a skilled and experienced team who knows how to create and where to place them for maximum benefit. Yescom Media understands the importance of wall paintings in increasing the conversion rate and offers five types of wall paintings. They are :

  • Highway Wall Painting
  • Rural Wall Painting
  • Dealer Shop Wall Painting
  • Urban Wall Painting
  • Wall Wrap Advertising

Auto Advertising

Auto-rickshaws are the most active vehicle for transportation. Our auto hood and banners, double stitched, last longer, providing better ROI for the clients. We provide four types of auto rickshaw advertising options. They are :

  • Side Panel Advertising
  • Back Panel Advertising
  • Auto Hood Advertising
  • Inside Auto

What Makes Yescom Media the Best Advertising Company in Imphal?

Choosing our ad agency in Imphal over others is beneficial for you as we offer the following :

Flexible Advertising Service

We are transparent in providing our service. Any marketing agency needs to adapt. We have the ability to adapt to different situations and change for the better, planning our strategies accordingly.

Experience of 15+ years

We have the knowledge and skills to offer specialised services according to your company's requirements because of our extensive background in the industry.

Client-Oriented Service

We adopt a customer-oriented approach and plan our strategy accordingly keeping our client’s guidelines and views in mind.

Results-oriented Service

We plan our advertising strategies that assist businesses to succeed in their endeavours at a reasonable price.

As the top advertising agency in Imphal, we also provide internet marketing in the city. We aim to offer our clients better advertising concepts and initiatives that result in better outcomes and long-term company growth and expansion.


Contact Yescom Media if you want your firm to grow and gain exposure in Indore. We, the best advertising agency in Imphal, assure your company's growth and larger visibility among the target audience in Imphal.