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Order Yescom Media To Cover Kohima With Advertisements

Kohima, the capital of Manipur, is the second largest city in the state. Industrially, it is not much developed and small-scale, and cottage industries are the major industries in the city. Many industries hire the best advertising agency in Kohima to expand and grow their firm.

Yescom Media is the top advertising agency in Kohima. We offer our services and campaigns to grow small-scale and large-scale businesses, know about the trending media, and have analytical and problem-solving skills. We provide:
Digital Advertising
Outdoor Advertising
Design and Creative Advertising
PR Services
Corporate Gifting
BTL Services

What Service Make Yescom Media An Affordable Advertisement Company in Kohima?

What Service Make Yescom Media An Affordable Advertisement Company in Kohima?

Yescom Media guarantees our clients avail of our best advertising services in Kohima to maximise their reach. Several services that rank us as the leading advertising team in Kohima are:

Hoarding Advertising Agency in Kohima
Billboard or hoarding advertisements are the most common and effective outdoor advertising. Many people can see your brand in a shorter period. Our team create attractive boards and places them at several locations like airports, shopping malls, construction areas or railway platforms. At Yescom Media, we offer three types of hoarding services. They are :

Billboard Advertisements
Billboards are placed in areas that witness many people, like busy roads or highways, railway stations etc. There are seven types of billboards prepared by us. They are -
Vinyl Billboards
Scented Billboards
Painted Billboards
Digital Billboards
Mobile Billboards
3-D Billboards
Bulletin Billboards

Wallscape Advertisements
Advertisements that are painted, plastered or attached directly to exterior surfaces of buildings are called wallscape advertisements. They are mostly found in urban or metropolitan areas.

Unipole Advertisements
As the name suggests, they are large billboards placed on the top of the pole. They are one of the most effective advertising methods for maximising your brand's reach.

Bus Advertising Company in Kohima
As part of transit advertising, bus advertisements are an excellent opportunity to reach many local audiences. At Yescom Media, our professionals choose the best bus route by using key parameters like picking bus routes that pass through busy or densely inhabited areas and choosing the areas that are very close to your business in Kohima. We have an experience of more than 15 years as a bus advertising service agency.

Auto Advertising Agency in Kohima
Auto rickshaws are accessible on every city corner and are the best advertising tool in cities like Kohima. Yescom Media provides the unique and creative auto-branding practices like

Auto Hood Advertising
In auto hood advertisements, the advertising is done on the entire vehicle hood, which catches the eye of the masses easily.

Back Panel Advertising
The flex posters are placed on the backside of the auto.

The flex posters are placed on the backside of the auto.
In side panel advertising, the banners are placed on the left and right sides of the auto.

Inside Auto
The banners are placed inside the auto-rickshaws, which makes them visible only to the ones travelling by auto.

Wall Painting Advertising Agency in Kohima
Creative wall paintings grab attention far more quickly than conventional banners and hoardings. As the best advertising agency in Kohima, we offer vivid, appealing, and huge paintings to catch the eye of anyone walking by. The paintings are always visible, which repetitively impacts the people crossing, thereby leading to brand exposure. Urban Wall Paintings, Rural Wall Paintings, Highway Wall Paintings and Dealer Shop Wall Paintings are some types of wall paintings.

Why is Yescom Media the No.1 Advertising Group in Kohima?

Yescom Media ranks as the best advertising agency in Kohima because of the following reasons:

We have an experience of more than fifteen years in advertising.
We offer innovative strategies for your businesses to develop in the commercial sphere.
We address the wants and demands of the intended market, which benefits enterprises.
We put our clients on top, adopting a client-centric approach and plan result-oriented strategies accordingly.
We understand the market of your area and prepare innovative strategy accordingly.
We provide the best techniques and tools to increase brand recognition and sales
Besides, Yescom Media provides non-conventional advertising services like Digital Wall Media in Kohima, attractive LED wall paintings, LED Van Advertisements, Cab Branding and social media marketing to maximise the reach quickly.
If you want your brand to gain visibility in Kohima or increase the profit margin, get in touch with Yescom Media, the best advertising agency in Kohima. We own a team of skilled professionals who provide innovative ideas and are updated with the current market trends, which will definitely boost your brand recognition.