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Patna is one of the largest commercial hubs of India and the state capital of Bihar. Therefore, there are lots of opportunities for businesses and business owners to flourish and grow by leaps and bounds with the help of advertisements.

We have identified and listed a large number of locations & advertising modes (types) to put your ads such as Main Gate Patna Junction (for Hoarding Advertisements), Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport Patna (For Led Screen Advertising), Bairiya Bus Stand of Patna (Bill Board Ads), Central Mall Complex Dak Bungalow Choraha Patna (For Transit Advertisements), Boring Road Chowraha Patna (Led TV Advertisment), Marine Drive Patna (For Digital Wall Media and Banners), Kargil Chowk Patna Gandhi Maidan Patna (For Hand Bills Distribution), etc.

These are the prime locations in Patna to advertise a business to make them a brand. We have acquired and reserved places for you on these places of Patna to advertise your business establishment in the city.

Advertising expands your business from the local market in Patna to the entire city.

If you run your businesses in a local or limited area or marketing complex of Patna Bihar like "Hari Nivas" and want to want to grow your business in the entire city from Deedargan in the east to Greater Bihata In the west and from Danapur in the north to Sanpatchak in the south, please contact our marketing team immediately. Our well-experienced teams are ready to propagate your businesses from a narrow space to the entire City Of Patna.

Enhance your sales in Patna by utilizing both traditional and modern advertising methods.

The team Of Yescom Media makes a comprehensive analysis( Case study & Swot analysis) of your business like the nature of your business, the location where you operate in Patna, reason for low productivity, challengesopportunity & possibility to become a brand. The team then offers you the best advertising strategies such as outdoor advertising through hoardings, billboards, or any other traditional modes of advertisement. Modern marketing plans such as social media ad campaigns or PPC advertising also play a prime role to rebrand your company. Below is the full description of the advertisement strategy to boost your sales & services.

Best Advertising Agency In Patna

Prominent Methods Of Advertisements In Patna

We at Yescom Media offer the following advertising services to our clients. You can opt for one of them as per your budget, duration of advertising, and geographical advertisement area.

Offline Out of Home (OOH) or Outdoor Advertisements

  1. Hoarding/Billboard Advertising
  2. Car/Taxi or Cab Advertising
  3. Auto Rickshaw Advertising
  4. Led Van Advertising
  5. Led Wall Advertising
  6. Wall Painting Agency
  7. Digital Wall Media Advertising
  8. Bus & Transit Advertising Services
  9. Stations/Train Branding

Online Digital Marketing Branding Services

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Social Media Advertising
  3. PR Agencies (First Bihar, Live cities, News4nation, Janta junction, Bihar tak, Aapna Bihar)

Electronic Media Advertisement

  1. Television (TV) Advertisement (DD Bihar, News18 Bihar, Sahara Samay Bihar, Zee News Bihar, ETV Bihar)
  2. Radio FM Ads (Radio Mirchi 98.3 MHz, Radio City 91.1 Mhz)

Print Media Advertisement

  1. Newspaper or PR Services (Bihar Times, Patna Daily, Prabhat Khabar Patna)
  2. Magazine Ads

Influencer Marketing

  1. Naveen Singh: Insta- @bihariladka
  2. Pradeep Singh: Insta- @pradeepsingh_ias
  3. Ritesh Pandey: Insta-@ritesh_pandey_official

Other Type Advertising Services

  1. Led Signages/Kiosk Adv
  2. Celebrity Management
  3. Events
  4. Corporate Gifting
  5. BTL
  6. Ad Shoot/ Product Photo Shoots
  7. Movie Advertisement

Most busy and crowded places in Patna to advertise your businesses

We have listed below some of the most demanded locations or places for high exposure and visibility of your advertisements.

  1. Patna Junction
  2. Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport
  3. Bairiya Bus Stand
  4. Central Mall Complex Dak Bungalow Choraha
  5. Boring Road Chowraha
  6. Marine Drive
  7. Hungama Water Park
  8. Kargil Chowk Patna Gandhi Maidan
  9. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
  10. Vedanta Hospital Karkarbagh
  11. P&M Mall Patliputra
  12. Taktha Shri Harimandir Sahib
  13. Danapur
  14. Phulwari Sharif
  15. Anishabad
  16. Guljarbagh
  17. Ramkrishna Nagar
  18. SK Puri
  19. AN College
  20. Patna University
  21. AIIMs Patna
  22. IGIMs Patna
  23. IIT Bihta Patna
  24. Patna University

Custom & Flexible Duration Of Advertising In Patna

We offer custom time periods for ads to our clients in Patna. The duration of time your advertisements are shown depends upon your choice of advertisement, need, and budget. High-exposure billboards or hoardings are booked for a short span of time whereas wall painting advertising is offered for a long time.

  1. Billboard: One Month to Whole Year
  2. Youtube Advertising: Short & Non-Skipable Ads up to 6 Seconds & Other from 15 to 30 Seconds.
  3. Transit Advertising: 3 to 6 Months or More
  4. Auto Rickshaw Advertising: 3 to 18 Months Or More

Charge & Pricing For Advertising In Patna

The cost of ads in Patna is calculated on many factors to advertise your business in Patna. The advertising charge depends on the followings:

  1. Type of Advertising
  2. Location Of Advertising
  3. Duration Of Advertisement
  4. Size of Hoardings, Banners, billboards, LED Screens etc.

We offer the minimum affordable prices to our customers. We charge approx 10K INR for 6'x4' (fit) hoarding on our reserved place at Patna Junction for One Month. (Note: terms & conditions apply)

Attain your business objectives in Patna through our inclusive advertising and branding strategies.

Yescom Media is the 1st choice & prestigious branding and marketing company in Patna. The company has separate teams of skilled advertising professionals for different types of advertising services eg. Navneet Kumar team for "Bus Advertising", Webzyro team for digital adverts, Abhiskhe Kumar team for "Hoarding Advertising". Each advertising team of Yescom Media is well equipped with modern advertising infrastructures & materials and each team is alone a giant. We boast of being the largest ad agency in Patna. Choose our affordable marketing plan and rest assured to achieve your business goal.

Maximize the potential of your ad campaigns and marketing strategies with the superior services of our highly rated advertising company

We have successfully brought a large number of companies out of a quagmire of low productivity. The companies which were struggling with low revenues and always incurring losses are now enjoying high growth in revenues and profits with our advertising services at minimum cost. Our clients of Patna eg. Yescom India Softech Pvt. Ltd. Ganga 04, Software Technology Parks of India, near Sai Mandir, Patna, Bihar 800013 have regarded us as the best advertising agency in Bihar in Patna to run advertising campaigns. If you lag behind your competitors in business, Subscribe to our advertising plans to excel & surpass them in a specified time.