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Auto Rickshaw Advertising is one of the most budget-friendly and profitable OOH (Out-of-Home) marketing mediums. It differs from other forms of advertisements, such as hoardings, posters, and banners, as it roams around the city throughout the day, reaching every corner and capturing the attention of local and regional audiences.

Yescom Media is a leading auto rickshaw branding & auto rickshaw advertising agency in India, providing the most attractive and effective auto rickshaw ads.

Our Auto Rickshaw Branding & Advertising Services

Auto Rickshaw is arguably the most active vehicle on Indian Streets. As a result, auto rickshaw branding has always been one of the best advertising tools for reaching a regional and local audience. Auto Rickshaws can operate on highways and move around on narrow streets. This makes auto rickshaw advertising accessible to every nook and corner of the cities, which most other modes of transportation may not be able to reach.

As a prominent auto rickshaw advertising agency, Yescom Media adopts the most significant and feasible auto branding practices. Our auto advertising services are available in PAN India. As part of Auto Hood Branding, flex posters are plastered on side hoods, flex hoods, back hoods, or on the entire body of the Auto Rickshaw. We use rexine and vinyl materials for digitally printing the hood. Afterwards, they are double-stitched to ensure long life and better ROI on our client’s ad campaign.

Yescom Media as an Auto Advertising Agency knows the power of clients in making a business successful and so its professionals strategise in such a way that the client is always assured of getting the maximum benefit at affordable rates.

Our Premium Auto Rickshaw Advertising Options

1. Auto Hood Advertising

Advertise On Auto Rickshaw hood

Auto hood branding is the most striking form of auto rickshaw branding. In auto hood branding, the ad covers the entire vehicle hood, making it appear larger. It is more beneficial as a new hood is mounted with bigger advertising space.

2. Back Panel Advertising

Advertise On Auto Rickshaw Back Panel

In this case, ads are placed on the back panel of the auto-rickshaw. The cost here is lower than Hood Advertising while providing enough visual space to catch viewers' eyes from afar.

3. Side Panel Advertising

Advertise On Auto Rickshaw Side Panel

In side panel advertisements, banners are pasted on both the side panels of the auto-rickshaw. The banners placed here can be around 24x16 inches at max.

4. Inside Auto

 Advertise In Auto Rickshaw

As the names suggest, the ads here are pasted inside the auto, so it is primarily for auto travellers. Despite the lower viewership, the recall rate is higher since travellers spend more time watching and reading the advertisement material. As a result, people recall the ads placed here much better than those placed outside.

Why Choose Yescom Media as Your Auto Rickshaw Advertising Agency?

  • Expert Team- Our team of experts have decades of experience in auto advertising. We discuss our client's marketing goals in great depth and deliver them the best auto advertising services they need.
  • ROI Focused Advertisements- The auto hood and banners placed by us are double-stitched. As a result, they have an effectively longer life, ensuring better ROI for our clients.
  • Budget-Friendly Approach- We quote pocket-friendly prices to our clients. Our Auto Rickshaw Branding prices start at just Rs.100.
  • Work Transparency- The Zero hidden charges policy of Yescom Media makes it the best auto advertising company. We also submit the pictures of our placed advertisement to our clients as proof of our completed work.
Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Advertising
  • Cost-effective- Auto rickshaw advertising is cost-effective, reaching a large audience in a single day. An experienced auto advertising company like Yescom Media helps you get a higher Rate of Interest with innovative and in-trend strategies.
  • Visibility- Auto Rickshaw Branding is one of the best ways to establish your brand among the public because when people travel, they notice the advertisements displayed on rickshaws, which helps establish the brand among the public. In addition to being a common mode of transportation, autos roam about with a diverse audience; Markets, lanes to highways, or small neighbourhoods with potential.
  • Recall Value- Unlike newspaper advertising or pamphlets, these ads stick with us longer, which means they have a higher recall value. This improves the ability of the brand's messages to reach us.
  • Ready Availability- There are around 30,000 auto-rickshaws that run in Bihar as of 2019. So, when it comes to auto branding, there is plenty of ad space. This aids in the timely execution of the campaign.
  • Can't be skipped- Online and TV commercials may be ignored, but skipping or ignoring Auto advertisements is not possible. And when stuck in traffic, people automatically pay attention to the ads pasted or designed on the back of the vehicle.
  • Easy to read- Auto advertisement is simple to read even by viewers with a standard visual range. On the other hand, a banner or hoarding is placed at a height that makes it difficult for people with low vision to read them.
  • Variety of Choices- Our Auto Rickshaw Advertising Agency offers multiple Auto branding options, including Auto Hood Branding, Back Panel Advertising, Side Panel Advertising, Inside Auto, etc. Clients can select from the available options according to their needs and financial limits for promoting their business.
  • Target a wide range of audiences- As opposed to other approaches that target only a specific segment of society. There is a strong reach of auto branding to people from all walks of life.
  • The extended exposure period- Heavy traffic is usually an irritant for people in everyday life. However, it is extremely effective and beneficial for advertisers. Because of the heavy traffic, people can stop and view these advertisements for a long time.

Numerous businesses wish to advertise via auto rickshaw branding. Auto hood branding and back panel advertising are often their top picks. However, doing the whole advertising process alone is very exhausting and time-consuming, especially when you want to advertise on many auto rickshaws.

Yescom Media is the best auto advertising agency and is a prominent service provider in this regard. Our professionals assist marketers in selecting the best spots for auto rickshaw branding and appoint efficient strategists and executors to share their requirements for a successful campaign.Yescom Media is a one-stop solution for all auto rickshaw advertising, including E Rickshaw Advertising and E Rickshaw Branding.

Contact us today to get your brand the exposure that it deserves!