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Auto-Rickshaw Advertising is one of the most efficient and profitable location-based marketing mediums. It differs from other forms of advertising, such as hoardings, posters, and banners, in the way that it roams around the city throughout the day, reaching every corner and capturing the attention of local and regional audiences.

Yescom Media is an Auto Advertising and Branding Agency that methodically analyses clients' needs and strategizes things so that it connects with the target audience on a personal level.

Our Auto Advertising Services For You

Vehicle advertising is and has always been one of the best marketing methods for reaching a regional and local audience. And as a part of vehicle advertising, Auto-Rickshaw Hood Advertising is the most significant and most feasible practice to adopt. To promote the brand's products or services, flex posters are plastered on side hoods or the entire Auto-Rickshaw.

Because auto-rickshaws are the most popular vehicle on Indian streets, they are a good source to deliver commercial messages to several sites in a single day. It has the ability to be localised, which is unmatched by most other modes of transportation, as auto-rickshaws may move not only on main roads and highways but also into narrow streets in every nook and corner of cities, where most other modes of transportation may not be able to reach.

Yescom Media as an Auto Branding Agency knows the power of clients in making a business successful and so its professionals strategise in such a way that the client is always assured of getting the maximum benefit at affordable rates.

Reasons to Choose Yescom Media as Your Auto- Rickshaw Advertising Agency

  • We are a team of experienced and hard-working marketing experts working in the advertisement industry for many years. We always start our work with a detailed discussion with the client to understand the goals and marketing objectives.
  • Our marketing professionals create an auto-rickshaw advertising strategy that is both effective and cost-efficient. This involves determining the number of auto-rickshaws to be used in product marketing, determining the geographical area for advertising etc.
  • We believe in developing new and creative auto-rickshaw advertisement campaigns that are appealing to prospective audiences as well as suit our clients' marketing needs.
  • Our creative and qualified team of writers, designers, marketers and branding professionals consistently strives to deliver reliable outcomes at reasonable prices.

Why Choose Auto Advertising Services?

Auto Advertising is a part of vehicle advertising that is done to create awareness about the brand at a lower cost. It is an excellent technique of out-of-home advertising, capturing the attention of thousands of people in a single day. In this type of advertisement, an auto-rickshaw is covered in visuals and messages that a company or brand tries to convey to their potential targets.

Any market or brand, to succeed needs to reach out to its prospective audience in the best possible way. Advertising is evolving but the one thing that hasn't changed is the use of traditional ways of advertising; one of them being advertisements on auto-rickshaw. This type of advertising is clean unlike hoarding and flexes. From small businesses to big, auto branding helps to reach a wide audience, making people aware of the services and products that a business has to offer.

Benefits of Advertising on Auto-Rickshaw

Auto-rickshaw advertising is a cost-effective method of advertising, reaching a large audience in a single day. Yescom Media helps in getting a higher Rate of Interest with innovative and in-trend strategies.

Advertising on autos is one of the best ways to establish your brand among the public because when people travel, they notice the advertisements displayed on rickshaws, which helps establish the brand among the public. Autos, in addition to being a mode of transportation, roam in places with a diverse audience; Markets, lanes to highways, or small neighbourhoods with potential.

Unlike newspaper advertising or pamphlets, these ads stick with us longer, which means they have a higher recall value. This improves the ability of the brand's messages to reach us.

There are around 30,000 auto-rickshaws that run in Bihar as of 2019. So, when it comes to auto branding, there is no shortage of ad space. This aids in the timely execution of the campaign.

Online ads and TV commercials may be ignored or skipped, but skipping or ignoring Auto Rickshaw advertisements is not possible. And when stuck in traffic, people automatically pay attention to the ads pasted or designed on the back of the vehicle.

Advertisements on auto-rickshaws are simple to read even by viewers with a standard visual range. A banner or hoarding, on the other hand, is placed at a height that makes it difficult for people with low vision to read them.

Auto branding offers multiple options to choose from; external branding, internal branding, auto back branding, auto hood branding etc. Advertisers can select from the available options according to their needs and financial limits for advertising their business.

There are primarily two branding options; Internal and external auto rickshaw branding. They both are different in the way they benefit the advertiser.  In terms of exposure time, internal branding has the advantage of a longer exposure period, whereas external branding has the advantage of a broad reach.

  • Target a wide range of audiences- As opposed to other approaches that target only a specific segment of society. There is a strong reach of auto branding to people from all walks of life.
  • The extended period of exposure- Heavy traffic is usually an irritant for people in everyday life. However, it is extremely effective and beneficial for advertisers. Because of the heavy traffic, people are able to stop and view these advertisements for a long duration of time.
  • Auto advertisement is profitable to all types of organizations engaged in any type of industry.

Advantages of Advertisement On Auto Rickshaw

Different types of Auto Branding
  • Auto Hood Advertising:
  • In auto hood branding, the flex or banners cover the entire hood of the vehicle, making it appear larger. It is more expensive than the other options due to its larger size, but it leaves a greater impression on the minds of the viewers.

  • Auto Back Ads:
  • Advertisements are positioned on the backs of small-sized automobiles in this case. As a result, it is a low-cost method of vehicle branding. However, it has a wide reach and visibility because not only travellers but also anyone standing behind or crossing by can notice these stickers. People in other vehicles can easily view these advertisements even when the vehicle is running. As a result, it provides a high ROI in the form of ad viewers.

  • Inside Auto:
  • As the names suggest, advertisements of this type are pasted inside the vehicle, so it is primarily for auto travellers. Despite the lower viewership, the recall rate is higher since readers spend more time watching and reading the advertisement material. As a result, the chances of remembering the products in these advertisements are higher than in auto-back ads.

There are businesses that wish to advertise via auto-rickshaw branding. However, doing it alone is a very exhausting and time-consuming operation, especially when you want to advertise on a large number of auto rickshaws. Yescom Media, an auto branding agency, may be of great assistance in this regard.

Yescom Media professionals assist marketers in selecting the best spots for auto branding and appoint efficient strategists and executors to share their requirements for a successful campaign.