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Bus advertising, a part of transit advertising, is a popular way of brand marketing. Irrespective of the size of the business, it offers the opportunity to raise brand recognition. Bus advertising is one of the forms of promoting commercial brands that drive the consumers toward your product or service through a clear message.

It is an excellent strategy to reach a local audience because buses are on the road for 15 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Yescom Media is the largest Bus Advertising Service Company. It helps a brand to communicate with its target audience, and convert them into leads and, eventually, buyers of the service.

Yescom India Bus Advertising Service for Your Business & Bus Ads Cost

Buses have evolved as an extremely influential and effective tool for advertising across a broad geographic area. Bus advertising in India is presently practiced in the majority of cities and towns. Bus advertisements promote local business brands, national campaigns, and global businesses. Through buses, national advertisements are anchored in a local context, increasing brand engagement by continually reinforcing the message that customers have already seen, heard, or seen on TV.

Yescom Media is one of the advertising platforms for businesses to connect for bus advertising and our advertising professionals start the process from the scratch by helping you build a campaign or improve your current design for metro bus advertising. Initially, we perform research with each client to know their needs and marketing goals. We work to discover the appropriate routes and locations to advertise your brand.

When it comes to local bus advertising, then having a partner like Yescom Media is extremely important for a successful bus Ad campaign. We select the appropriate bus route by following all the necessary guidelines provided by the concerned authority of the state. Our experts have two major metrics to judge the location and execution of bus ads. They are:

  • Connectivity to your business - If you're advertising regionally with the purpose of attracting people to your business, look for routes that are close to your business.
  • Traffic volume - To promote local brand exposure, choose bus routes that pass through crowded commercial centers or densely populated neighborhoods.

Yescom Media, the best advertisement service agency, helps you pick the ideal bus route to get your out-of-home advertising pieces in front of your target population can help it reach its maximum potential.

Bus Advertising Service In India

Bus Shelter Advertising

Bus shelter advertising, as the name suggests is a way of promoting and marketing content by placing ads on bus stops and stations across the country to reach commuters. It is also known as bus stop advertising, offering high exposure for vehicle owners (two/three/four vehicle owners), walkers, and bus commuters who all see your advertisements. Furthermore, many people who drive past the same area every day on their way to work and back will view it more than once.

Reasons to Choose Yescom Media as Your Bus Advertising Agency in India

  • Experience and Reputation:
  • Yescom Media is a reputed and reliable Bus Advertising Service Company having 15+ years of experience and the ability to design the most suitable customized advertising strategies keeping in mind the changing times.

    We understand the importance of advertising and how it builds the brand identity and so our team work in a way that the brand generates more leads and gets a higher ROI on its investments.

  • Effectiveness of Bus Branding Services
  • The advertising experts at our company know the industry, expertise, and resources necessary to design the most effective bus advertising strategy. We assist you in reaching the right individuals at the right time and in the right manner.

    Depending on the brand, and the season, we develop solutions that increase brand visibility and brand awareness. Through bus branding, we target a large segment of the audience and the ads are open for everyone to view.

    We don't only work as an advertising agency, but as your long-term advertising partner, without limiting ourselves to being a service provider.
  • Contacts and Network:
  • We assist in the execution of the campaign, ensuring optimal exposure in different locations and the most successful manner, with the support of our connections and partners around the country. In addition, we have links with many local buses and state transport bus depots. Do not worry about the bus advertising rates. We provide you with an optimum quote.

  • Range of Bus Advertising:
  • Yescom Media offers complete bus branding services, from creative to logistics. It entails creating the advertisement, printing it, and placing it on the desired number of buses as well as at numerous bus terminals within the target area. Apart from that, we also offer bus panels, whole bus wrap utilizing vinyl, and bus shelter advertising services and solutions.

  • Competitive Pricing:
  • The Cost of Advertising on Buses in India plays an important role when it comes to choosing a branding agency. We provide a quotation that is within your budget. We do not make adjustments when it comes to quality and delivery. We never make unreasonable promises. The emphasis is always on delivering outcomes and answers, rather than tempting prospects with unrealistic and lofty promises.

Q. Why is Bus Advertising Effective?

  • Can’t Stop It:
  • People can't overlook advertisements on buses because unlike TV or radio, they cannot be switched off. This ensures that the message is delivered to a large number of people. The bus stop advertising is considered to be the most effective as these stops are scattered throughout the city with high traffic.
  • Wide Coverage:
  • Every day, buses cross every part of the city, providing wide coverage and attracting a wide audience. We also deal with bus advertising designs and get the best design crafted for your Ad to be the centerpiece of the attraction.
  • Regular Reminders:
  • You practically showcase your business every day with the help of buses. It allows you to engage with your customers regularly, reminding them of your brand.
  • Long Time Publicity:
  • On average, a public transport ride lasts for half an hour where passengers are sitting idle with no place to go. They automatically pay attention to the advertisements around them. This becomes one of the biggest advantages of bus marketing. This gives your brand exposure for a longer period, getting them registered in their minds with an increased recall value.
  • Versatile:
  • Advertisements on the bus are a versatile way of selling your brand as they can be placed anywhere such as on the back of the bus, on the sides, or even inside, allowing you to target specific demographics. It also accommodates businesses with varying budgets, whether you choose a giant wrap or graphic covering the exterior of a bus or a smaller advertisement positioned within the vehicle. It is regarded as one of the least expensive forms of advertising in terms of both relative and absolute expenses.

So, if you are a company that wants to promote itself through bus advertisements in India; immediately contact Yescom Media. We are a group of experts with years of experience offering a variety of services throughout India.

Bus advertising in India is one of the most effective methods of visual advertisement. Apart from digital advertisement, where you need to target the audience as per the product and service, these bus ads are open to a huge audience and cannot go unnoticed. We provide you with the greatest advertising solutions for your company. We ensure that your company receives maximum exposure and the greatest outcomes in the long run.