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  • What is Cab Branding?

    Cab branding is a type of Above-the-Line marketing strategy that attracts a broad range of audiences. It involves placing an ad on top of, inside of, or wrapped around a taxi cab.

  • What is taxi top advertising?

    Taxi top advertising means advertising on the top inside or wrapping on a taxi cab.

  • What are the factors affecting the Cost?

    The cost of a cab or car advertisement depends upon the number of cars and the city chosen for the advertisement. Yescom Media provides transit media advertising like cab advertising at very competitive rates.

  • What is taxi advertising?

    Taxi advertising is a type of Above-the-Line marketing strategy that attracts a broad range of audiences. It involves placing an ad on top of, inside of, or wrapped around a taxi cab.

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Advertising is the best way to make your prospective customers aware of your products and services. In fact, the importance of advertising has increased many folds in the recent past. It is, nowadays, a lot more than just displaying banners and hoardings or playing it on tv. Advertisers are more competitive than they used to be a long time ago. Due to this increased competitiveness, different forms of advertisement mediums are coming into the market. Out-of-home advertising is an example of such a medium. And when talking about OOH advertising, Cab Branding definitely strikes our mind.

What is a car advertisement?

Cab Advertisingis a part of the Above the Line Marketingstrategy, which means that brands advertised on taxis reach a wide range of people. And there can be seen steady growth in the number of taxis in India. As a result, marketers may use this medium to effectively and efficiently advertise their brand, making a lasting impact on those who come into contact with the commercials.

Yescom Media, a Cab Advertising Agency, has been delivering this vehicle advertisement service for so many years. We don't involve any third party and all the services are provided by our in-house team, removing any delay or error. Whether it is a product launch or cab branding, our cab advertisement campaigns have produced many success stories.

Our Cab Advertising Service For You | Cab Branding in India

Displaying your message on a medium visible to thousands of people at a time has a high chance of turning many of them into your client. And taxis running on Indian roads give an excellent opportunity for the companies to create eye-catching and engaging advertisements. Taxi Advertisements may be particularly effective because they are present in any populous place such as a bus station, railway station, airport, outside malls, and so on, providing exposure to big crowds and assisting firms in broadening their client base.

However, there are certain factors that must be considered when marketing and are unknown to many marketers. So, Yescom Media is giving the list below to assist in determining the total cost of the campaign and exposure of your Cab Advertisement campaign:


The city that you are choosing has a huge impact on your campaign. The charges for advertising on taxis vary greatly, depending on the city's living standards, general pricing level, labour cost, etc. Tier 1 cities often have the highest rates, followed by tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Furthermore, individual cities may have their own local cab service, providing greater exposure and brand penetration. You should choose the cities that are most suitable for your marketing purposes after carefully reviewing everything.

Number of Cabs:

When preparing for Cab Advertisements, the number of taxis which the advertiser intends to use for promotion is also a significant factor. Not only does it affect the overall cost of the campaign, but it can also assist the advertiser to obtain a discount if they choose a big number of screens.

Media Option:

Cab Branding has numerous choices. It is divided into two categories: outside/external cab branding and inside/internal cab branding. Outside Cab Branding is more costly than internal branding since it has considerably greater visibility.

Campaign Duration:

The average length of these adverts is usually one month, however, advertisers can choose to run them for a longer period of time. Increasing the time will increase the total cost of the campaign, but it will also help the advertiser get a better discount if they book a large number of cabs.

Yescom Media is a Cab Branding Agency that performs your campaign at a significant cost that makes a huge difference. However, the cost is not our only concern. We also ensure that the campaign is carried out efficiently. We are a reliable agency that has better bargaining power and promises smooth and trouble-free execution.

Cab Advertising Agency

Reasons to Choose Yescom Media as Your Car Advertising Agency in India | Taxi Advertising

Maximum Exposure of your Brand:

Taxi advertising is a conventional form of advertising, but with the increased number of car rental firms and types of automobiles, cab advertising has become an important target for any business looking to publicize its brand. So, we assist you in promoting your brand with a variety of automotive vendors and vehicle types ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to promote your brand.

Cab Advertising Packages at Reasonable Prices:

We provide a variety of customizable and cost-effective cab advertising solutions. We evaluate your needs as well as your outreach goals. As a result, we provide you with the lowest possible cost per reach by providing you with one of the most cost-effective, adaptable, and customized cab advertisement costs that meet the requirements of your business. So, whether you are a new or existing brand, contact us for cost-effective cab advertising services.

Optimal Visibility:

Our cab advertising is a superior service that assists you in attaining optimal visibility throughout the area of your targeted regions. We place and show your brand in a way that gets attention and allows you to reach a wider range of individuals, resulting in ideal brand visibility.

Cab Advertising Strategy:

Our competence is not limited to cab advertising services; we also serve as advertising strategists for our clients. We deliver you information from market research, consumer segmentation, and other sources to help empower your brand.

Types of Car Branding

Inside the cab

Advertisers can deploy LED screens positioned on the back seats of the cab, used by passengers to watch videos and listen to music. These touch screens can play advertisements. The backs of automobile seats can also be used to paste posters and keep leaflets.

Car Wrapping Advertising

The most common method of taxi advertising is to wrap the ad over the entire car. This type of arrangement draws attention from distance. The visual impact of the creative ads on the cab is far greater than that of any other medium.

Automobile carriers:

Advertisers can use car carriers for branding purposes as well. The carriers are outfitted with panels for mounting the ad display.

Advantages of Car Advertising

Attention Grabbing:

A car wrapped with colourful wraps and ads is an eye-catching thing in public areas. It makes that car stand out in the crowd and grabs the attention of the passersby intriguing them to take interest in the ad and interact with them.

Reach a Wider Audience:

Vehicle advertising reaches more people than a traditional billboard, poster, or digital screen since it is always on the move. This provides many more impressions than any other type of OOH advertisement. Your advertisement will be seen on every movement the car makes, whether it is through a town or city centre or across the country. You will see an increase in interactions as your adverts gain more exposure and interest.

Affordable OOH Media:

When you think about how many individuals will engage with your car advertisement, this is the most cost-effective and economical type of out-of-home marketing. Rather than paying significant sums of money to have your ad put on a stationary signboard or digital display in a city centre, car advertising is a less expensive alternative that can provide an even larger ROI. Car advertising is a terrific alternative for businesses wishing to avoid large spending as part of their marketing budget.

Can move to any part of the city:

One of the best benefits of car advertising is that you can choose any location that is within your reach. It helps you do anything from raising awareness of your campaign to quickly getting new customers; all this can be done by simply moving your vehicle to the desired location. It is firmly believed that vehicles wrapped in colourful ads build trust among the consumers and make them buy your product/service.

Create a Buzz:

Car advertising can also be used to generate interest in a specific product or service. You may be planning a launch and want to create a buzz in your area to get people interested and excited about it. Seeing these advertisements as you drive by will spark conversation and interest in your advertisement. Increasing public interest in your company. All for a reasonable price and with minimal effort from you and your staff.

How much does it cost to advertise on a taxi?

Yescom Media provides transit media advertising like cab advertising at competitive rates depending on the number of cars and city chosen for advertisement.

If you are a small or big company, new or already existing one and want to advertise for their products and services, transit advertising is beneficial and an economical option. And Yescom Media is a team of well-trained, qualified, hard-working professionals that have been advertising the brands via cab/taxi for so many years. We provide a large geographic coverage developing an attractive, eye-catching, powerful, and effective message.

So, call us on +91 9608 600 266 or visit our official website and get connected to one of our representatives. We would be happy to help you.