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LED Van Advertising Service by Yescom Media

Advertising is constantly evolving with new strategies. Earlier the medium of advertisements was limited to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. But with time, advertising has taken a new form. There’re many advertising methods now available in the business world, such as auto, cab, bus, and digital advertising that create awareness. Among them, one of the trending techniques is LED Van Advertising which uses a van installed with a colored LED screen on the exterior.

Yescom Media, the advertising agency offers to promote businesses through LED vans. They have special LED screen advertising vans that run throughout the city displaying your brand advertisement to mass. With this method, you can reach an audience from every corner of the city.

Display LED Van Advertising Service for Brands

Today advertisers use electronic advertising methods to reach out to a huge crowd. The marketers’ motive is to use advertising media that reaches out to the maximum number of people in a short period.  The major advantage is that visuals stay longer in the memories. LED display van advertising is one of the prospective methods as it keeps moving throughout the city and grabs public attention. 

It is the best medium when it comes to moving display advertising. In this type of advertising, a big hoarding is set upon a movable van with luminous HD images or videos of the brand.

Yescom Media has been working to deliver the best LED Van Advertising Service for 10+ years. We work to marketize the brand at competitive rates. Our advertising professionals work hard to guarantee that the LED Mobile Van Advertising is appealing and eye-catching to assist clients in generating new customers for their business. Client satisfaction is our main goal. Also, we provide customer care services through which our clients can connect anytime for queries on LED van advertising.

Best Led Van Advertising Service Company & Agency

Reasons to Choose Yescom Media as Your LED Mobile Advertising Van Service Agency

Creating engaging and inspiring visual displays for van advertisements helps to attract the audience. LED Advertisements are so creative that it is irresistible to the crowd when broadcasted on the screen in an open space.

LED Advertising Vehicle and Truck Display is less expensive than traditional outdoor advertising media since LED vans can reach millions at a time. It is easy to draw customers’ attention to the brand. It is believed that around 60% of people buy any product or service after encountering outdoor advertisements. 

  • Attention-Grabbing:

Yescom Media professionals ensure that an appealing LED van campaign is created to capture the attention of the audience. We experiment with various tactics, such as converting a van into a live stage to promote a product event launch.

  • Engaging a large audience:

Yescom Media provides mobile vans of various sizes to assist you in hiring an LED Van for rent based on your needs. It enables you to access every lane of the city; narrow or wide making it possible for you to reach your target audience. Furthermore, we obtain the required permissions to park vans in locations that will maximize the reach of your brand.

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective:

Hoarding in a city's desirable location can be costly. However, advertising a brand through our LED Vans allows it to commute to all of the major places while still costing significantly less than other advertising media.

LED Van for Advertising is the answer if you want a low-cost marketing approach that produces immediate results. In India, LED van price varies from 60k to 1L a month which is way cheaper than other forms of branding.

Because a van campaign takes advantage of being always on the go, it provides the most exposure for the money you are paying. Furthermore, it does not have an expiration date and can be used indefinitely.

  • LED Van Covers a Long Distance:

Our LED Screen Advertising Van keeps on moving around the city. It covers long distances throughout the day to maximize your brand's reach. During the day, we concentrate on covering the entire city leaving no part of the city unexplored.

Q. What Is LED Screen Advertising?

LED screen advertising is a form of electronic advertising that uses LED screens fitted on a van. It is a highly effective outdoor advertising strategy that shows your static or video-based commercial with illuminant high-definition visuals attracting your target audience's attention.

Q. What are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising screens?

  • Geographic Reach:

LED Van Advertising is an excellent way to reach an audience of all types in a specific location. If you want to reach out to people with similar demographics and backgrounds, advertising with an LED van is a creative alternative.

  • High Brightness:

The display's high brightness makes content viewable even in bright sunlight. Non-reflective LEDs are used in DIP and SMD technologies, which retain the screen's bright brilliance. The display's brightness can be adjusted to ensure clear visibility both during the day and at night.

  • Extended Period of Exposure:

The LED Advertising Van campaign provides you with extensive exposure. As a result, if someone needs to leave their house, they cannot ignore the advertisement.

They are likely to encounter the advertisement several times while traveling. As a result, prolonged exposure to advertisements causes individuals to remember this for longer. As a result, customers will recall that advertisement whenever they need similar types of goods or services.

  • Unlimited Number of Messages:

Media vehicle used in advertising uses LED screens to communicate the brand’s messages through images or videos. It allows the advertiser to broadcast a variety of materials throughout the day.


Q. What are LED display advantages and disadvantages?

  • It is a trustworthy technology that is well-known around the world.
  • Produces high-quality pictures.
  • It consumes relatively little energy.
  • It is less harmful to the environment than other comparable items.
  • It has a lengthy lifespan.

So, if you want to advertise your brand effectively and at a low cost with a reliable and trustworthy advertising agency, then contact Yescom Media Ventures Private Limited. We have been working in this field for the past 10 years and know exactly which area to cover and at what time. Because in this type of marketing location and timing matters the most. Choose our services and let your brand grow.