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  • What is LED wall display?

    LED wall displays are large linking displays, formed by connecting multiple monitors. In effect, the larger screen is assembled to display video and any other visual content.

  • What is ad LED screen?

    Under LED Screen Advertising, a large screen is assembled by joining multiple separate displays. As a result, enormous spaces are created by a single, massive display for the advertisement of products and services of a business.

  • What are the factors affecting the Cost?

    With a still billboard, the business has to pay for the manufacturing of the vinyl advertisement as well as ad space leasing charges. But Digital LED screens have virtually no production expenses because they can all be created on a computer and instantaneously uploaded to the LED software program.

  • Do You Charge For Giving A Proposal?

    Yescom Media does not charge for the proposals. It is free of cost.

Led Wall Advertising And LED Display Screen

Traditional advertising strategies, such as print and television advertisements, were once used to dominate the market. But, they are gradually losing popularity in today's era of the digital world. Only a few individuals nowadays prefer to sit and read newspapers or watch television. Everyone else is so preoccupied with their daily life that they don't have time to sit and rest. In this situation, if a brand wants to advertise its product or service in this situation, it must employ a marketing approach that draws prospective customers while they are on the move. And for this, LED Wall Advertising is one of the best-suited strategies.

Yescom Media is one of the big players when it comes to Outdoor LED Display Advertising. It assists businesses in marketing their brand in such a way that it not only gets attention but also generates leads.

Our LED Wall Advertisement Service For You

Setting advertising goals can help businesses meet their financial objectives while also connecting with their clients. Advertising has the ability to influence clients’ behaviour, leading them to purchase your product and referring them to their friends. Companies typically associate such objectives with bigger company objectives such as greater sales and customer/web traffic. And to achieve such goals using the right technique is required.

Hoardings, billboards, and other forms of advertising are effective, but when it comes to reaching a big number of people at any time of day, LED Video Walls are the approach to take. In this form of promotion, a linking display is formed by connecting monitors. In effect, the larger screen is assembled joining the separate displays. As a result, enormous spaces are served by a single, massive display in a variety of personal and professional roles.

This type of branding necessitates the selection of a proper location and time of day, among other things. Yescom Media has been working with

brands in advertising their products and services via LED Wall Screens. Our professionals help you reserve ad spaces for Out-Of-House advertisements that are situated in areas where the business can increase customer engagement. We are an ROI-driven LED Wall Advertisement Agency that assists businesses in advertising their products and services on a budget.

Led Wall-Advertising Agency

Reasons to Choose Yescom Media as Your Video Wall Advertising Service Agency in India

Yescom Media understands the significance of LED Wall Panels as the next big thing in outdoor digital advertising or as next-generation technology. These LED wall screens draw people considerably faster than traditional banners and hoardings. They also appear much more relevant to today's consumers.

Yescom Media professionals ensure that your company's message reaches your prospective client in a cost-effective manner. We understand that LED video walls are a one-time investment, so we endeavour to make them appealing while eliminating all unnecessary costs.

We understand how LED Wall Design influences a client's purchasing behaviour. As a result, the LED Screens for Outdoor Advertising are developed and installed in such a way that the possibility of advertising sales and items is increased.

We are a group of creative, skilled, and hardworking experts committed to providing high-quality services at competitive prices.

  • What is the meaning of LED walls?
  • Led walls are large screens formed of diodes that emit light displaying video and other visual content in the same way that computer screens do. As the names suggest, it creates the impression of a large luminous wall with no interconnections between the modules and cabinets that form it, allowing you to cover it with videos and digitize any place in continuity.

  • What are LED walls used for?
  • Video walls are employed for commerce, transportation, and entertainment purposes. They are also useful in vast spaces where information needs to be delivered to large crowds, such as stadiums and airports.

  • What are the advantages of LED wall advertisement services?
  • LED Video Walls advertisement is one of the advertising techniques that has seen significant growth in India in recent years. Organizations are not unfamiliar with the disadvantages of lifelong advertising in today's age, which is dominated by new technologies: it is challenging to quantify their influence and requires multiple resources for the creation and operation of advertising messages, particularly when it comes to their layout, setup, and replacement. Given this situation, LED Video Walls are the finest solution in the market right now.

Displays that are vibrant, colourful, and catch the eye:

One of the primary benefits of LED Video Walls is that they are visually appealing. Passers-by are considerably more inclined to stop and take in your message because of the colourful, dynamic display. When compared to traditional billboards with a few typical light bulbs, it's easy to understand how someone is much more likely to notice your material when it's shown on a bright and vibrant LED screen.

Opportunity for creating unique content:

Video walls provide businesses with unprecedented operational flexibility. Using a video wall, you can simply manage, alter, and control transitional material such as advertisements, infographics, news, dashboards, and any other information. Video walls can expand in size without replacing monitors by simply adding more units to expand your canvas area.

Accessible from any Location:

LED Wall Advertising is unique in that it can be operated from anywhere with only a Wi-Fi connection. If you have an advertisement that is engaging with your audience in one location and want to test it in another, all you have to do is transfer your relevant content from the backend to your display program, and it will begin showing the ad in a new market.

Led Wall Advertising Price:

With a still billboard, the business has to pay for the manufacturing of the vinyl advertisement as well as ad space leasing charges. But Digital LED screens have virtually no production expenses because they can all be created on a computer and instantaneously uploaded to the LED software program.

Low Maintenance & High Durability:

Digital billboards require less upkeep and are exceedingly resistant to damage. Traditional billboards, on the other hand, have easily damaged vinyl and light fixtures that require continual maintenance.