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Revolutionary Auto Advertising Solutions with Yescom Media at the Wheel

Auto rickshaw advertising stands out as one of the most cost-effective and lucrative forms of Out-of-Home (OOH) marketing. Distinguishing itself from traditional advertising methods like hoardings, posters, and banners, auto rickshaw advertising has the advantage of mobility, traversing the city streets throughout the day, effortlessly reaching every nook and cranny and captivating the attention of both local and regional audiences.

As a premier agency specializing in auto rickshaw branding and advertising, Yescom Media takes the lead in providing captivating and highly impactful auto rickshaw ads.

Our Auto Rickshaw Branding & Advertising Services

Auto rickshaws are undoubtedly one of the most active vehicles on Indian streets, making auto rickshaw branding an exceptional advertising tool for reaching regional and local audiences. With the ability to navigate both highways and narrow streets, auto rickshaws bring advertising accessibility to every nook and cranny of cities, surpassing the reach of other modes of transportation.

As a prominent auto rickshaw advertising agency, Yescom Media employs the most effective and practical auto branding practices. Our auto advertising services are available nationwide, ensuring widespread coverage. Through our Auto Hood Branding approach, we plaster flex posters on side hoods, back hoods, flex hoods, or the entire body of the auto rickshaw. We utilize rexine and vinyl materials for digitally printing the hood, which are then double-stitched to ensure durability and maximize return on investment for our clients' ad campaigns.

At Yescom Media, we understand the influence clients hold in determining the success of a business. Therefore, our professionals strategically plan and execute campaigns to ensure clients receive maximum benefits at affordable rates. We prioritize delivering exceptional value and helping our clients achieve their advertising goals.

Our Premium Auto Rickshaw Advertising Options

1. Auto Hood Advertising Advertise 

On Auto Rickshaw hood

Advertise On Auto Rickshaw hood

Auto hood advertising is an attention-grabbing method of branding on auto rickshaws. By covering the entire vehicle hood, this form of advertising ensures maximum visibility and impact. With a new hood specifically designed for advertising purposes, the available space is larger, offering even more benefits for brand promotion. This approach amplifies the reach and effectiveness of the advertising campaign, making auto hood branding a highly advantageous choice.

2. Back Panel Advertising

Back Panel Advertising: Promote Your Brand on Auto Rickshaw Back Panel

Advertise On Auto Rickshaw Back Panel

With back panel advertising, your brand can make a strong impact on the auto rickshaw scene. This form of advertising involves placing ads on the back panel of the auto rickshaw, offering ample visual space to capture the attention of viewers from a distance. Back panel advertising is a cost-effective option that provides a prominent advertising space, ensuring your brand message reaches a wide audience effectively.

3. Side Panel Advertising

Showcase Your Brand on Auto Rickshaw Side Panels

Advertise On Auto Rickshaw Side Panel

With side panel advertising, your brand can gain maximum visibility on auto rickshaws. This advertising strategy involves placing banners on both side panels of the auto rickshaw. The banners utilized for side panel advertising typically have dimensions of around 24x16 inches, allowing for clear and impactful messaging. By leveraging the side panels of auto rickshaws, this form of advertising effectively captures the attention of pedestrians and other motorists, ensuring your brand stands out in the busy city streets.

4. Inside Auto Advertising

Captivate Auto Travellers with Your Brand

 Advertise In Auto Rickshaw

Inside auto advertising provides a unique opportunity to reach auto travellers directly. By placing ads inside the auto rickshaw, this form of advertising targets passengers who spend a significant amount of time within the vehicle. Although the viewership may be lower compared to external advertising, the recall rate is higher. As travellers have more time to observe and engage with the advertisement material, they are more likely to remember and recall the ads placed inside the auto. This makes inside auto advertising a powerful tool for creating lasting impressions and effectively promoting your brand to a captive audience.

Why Choose Yescom Media for Your Auto Rickshaw Advertising Needs?

  • 1. Expert Team: With decades of experience in auto advertising, our expert team understands the intricacies of effective marketing. We dive deep into our clients' marketing goals, ensuring we deliver tailored auto advertising services that align with their objectives.
  • 2. ROI-Focused Advertisements: At Yescom Media, we prioritise maximizing return on investment for our clients. Our auto hood and banner advertisements are double-stitched, ensuring longevity and better ROI. This approach guarantees that our clients receive extended exposure and value for their advertising investment.
  • 3. Budget-Friendly Approach: We believe in providing affordable solutions without compromising quality. Our Auto Rickshaw Branding prices start at just Rs. 100, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.
  • 4. Work Transparency: Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations. With our Zero hidden charges policy, clients can trust that there are no unexpected costs. We go the extra mile by providing clients with pictures of their placed advertisements, offering tangible proof of our completed work.

Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Advertising:

  • 1. Cost-effective: Auto rickshaw advertising offers a cost-effective way to reach a large audience in a single day. Yescom Media, a leading auto advertising agency, maximizes the Return on Investment (ROI) through innovative and up-to-date strategies.
  • 2. Visibility: Auto rickshaw branding establishes your brand among the public effectively. With autos travelling through diverse areas, from markets to highways and small neighbourhoods, your brand gains visibility among a wide range of potential customers.
  • 3. Recall Value:Unlike newspaper ads or pamphlets, auto rickshaw ads have a higher recall value, as they stick with us longer. This increases the ability of your brand's message to resonate and be remembered by the audience.
  • 4. Ready Availability: With a significant number of auto-rickshaws available for advertising, timely execution of campaigns becomes feasible. In Bihar alone, there are around 30,000 auto-rickshaws, ensuring ample ad space for your brand.
  • 5. Can't be Skipped: Auto advertisements cannot be easily ignored or skipped like online or TV commercials. When stuck in traffic, people naturally pay attention to the ads displayed on the back of the vehicle, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.
  • 6. Easy to Read:Auto advertisements are designed to be easily readable, even by viewers with average visual capabilities. Unlike banners or hoardings placed at heights, auto ads are at eye level, making them accessible to a broader audience.
  • 7. Variety of Choices: Yescom Media offers various auto branding options, including auto hood branding, back panel advertising, side panel advertising, and inside auto. Clients can choose the option that best suits their needs and budget for effective business promotion.
  • 8. Target a Wide Range of Audiences: Auto rickshaw advertising reaches people from all walks of life, unlike other approaches that target specific segments of society. It offers a strong reach and engagement with diverse audiences.
  • 9. Extended Exposure Period: Heavy traffic, although inconvenient for individuals, proves advantageous for advertisers. The presence of traffic allows people to stop and view the auto advertisements for an extended period, increasing brand visibility and message retention.

Yescom Media, the leading auto advertising agency, offers comprehensive solutions for auto rickshaw branding, including e-rickshaw advertising and e-rickshaw branding. With a team of efficient strategists and executors, Yescom Media assists businesses in selecting the best spots for auto rickshaw branding, ensuring a successful campaign.

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