Wall painting advertising

Creative Fusion of Digital Walls & Painting Advertising

Advertising has always played an important part in our society. From television at homes to billboards and hoardings on busy roads, ads can be seen everywhere, no matter what the form. Brands have always used it as a powerful tool to lure customers, inform them about the products and services and ultimately lead them to purchase.

Among different forms of marketing, Wall Painting is one of the most famous marketing techniques used by every business. It is a great way to attract people’s attention and make them trust your brand, not your competitor. But to advertise your brand using walls requires an experienced and skilled set of people who knows exactly the how, which and where of wall branding providing maximum benefits to your company.

When talking about Wall Branding Service firms, Yescom Media is an expert working in the field for years and has helped several companies to get the best results out of it. Working with us benefits your organization in a variety of ways, including greater brand awareness, better exposure, economical marketing, and so on. We are a group of skilled professionals, working in several Indian cities and towns.

Our Wall Painting Advertising Service For You

  • As the next big thing in outdoor advertising, Yescom Media understands the importance of wall painting. We know how these creative and colourful wall paintings draw people’s attention considerably faster than traditional banners and hoardings.
  • Our professionals ensure that your company's message reaches your prospective client in a cost-effective manner eliminating all unnecessary costs.
  • Wall Paintings help in initiating conversation and discussions influencing a client's purchasing behaviour. As a result, the paintings are made on the wall of such areas which increases the possibility of a higher number of sales.
  • We are a group of creative, skilled, and hardworking experts working in the field of outdoor advertising for the past so many years. We know which area to target, and how to provide high-quality service effectively and efficiently.

Reasons to use Outdoor Wall Branding to Advertise your Company

There are many popular global brands that leverage wall advertisement. A wide range of global brands advertises their products and services on rural and urban walls, including beauty products, cement brands, real estate companies, automobile brands, etc. The popularity and significance of wall painting advertising are evident from this.

Here are some benefits of wall painting advertising with Yescom Media:

  • Paintings on walls are colourful, attractive, and large enough to grab the attention of every person passing by.
  • It helps in increasing awareness of the brands.
  • Paintings remain visible at any time of the day creating a repetition effect on the people crossing.
  • Brands are exposed consistently.
  • One of the main advantages is that in wall paintings, walls are not shared. It is all yours until your ad is on that particular wall.
  • And if the ads are placed appropriately, it helps improve brand visibility and increase the number of prospects.

Types of Wall Painting Advertisement

  • Rural Wall Painting:

Rural wall painting is the practice of using walls in rural areas of the country to advertise a brand using eye-catching colours to ensure maximum exposure and brand recognition. Furthermore, the advertisements are produced and painted to catch the attention of the rural populace and relate better to their needs, thereby enhancing the company's rural branding.

  • Highway Wall Painting:

A highway wall painting is another effective advertisement that targets motorists travelling on highways. In addition to painting walls along the road, it also includes wall paintings on buildings, compounds, office walls, company walls, etc. that are situated close to the highway and are visible.

  • Dealer Shop Wall Painting:

A traditional form of advertisement is dealer shop wall painting. It entails painting the shutter of the dealer's shop with the brand's name, logo, colours, and tagline. It functions in a variety of ways. First, it raises brand awareness, promotes the dealer's shop so that prospects are aware of the dealer's presence in their city, and raises brand visibility.

  • Urban Wall Painting:

Urban wall painting marketing is a widely known wall painting advertising medium. It entails publicising brands, products, and services by painting walls in urban areas across the country. Urban wall painting advertising necessitates quick implementation to ensure competence, branding in prime city locations and ensuring that the advertisement is visible and eye-catching enough to attract the attention of the busy urban crowd.

  • Wall Wrap Advertising:

Wall wraps are a more upgraded version of wall painting that consists of large flex or vinyl stickers pasted on street walls and retail areas in India. Wall wrap is a low-cost and effective method of outdoor advertising and branding in India, particularly in rural areas.

Wall Painting Advertising at the best rates in India

Yescom Media provides wall painting advertising at competitive rates depending on the number of cars and city chosen for advertisement.

So if you are a big or a small business, or you have recently entered the market, searching for Wall Branding Agency Near me would be one of the questions you would be asking yourself.

There is no need to worry anymore because Yescom Media is a team of well-trained, qualified, hard-working professionals that have been advertising the brands via wall paintings for so many years. We provide a large geographic coverage developing an attractive, eye-catching, powerful, and effective message.

Visit our official website or call +91 9608 600 266 to speak with one of our representatives. We would be happy to help you.