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Social media Marketing is the type of digital marketing that uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to grow brand awareness, capture the attention of the customers and help brands connect with a larger, more diversified set of audiences known as social media marketing. It is an effective way to reach out to potential customers where they spend their time online and increase brand engagement. There are still many brands that are unaware of the importance of social media marketing. They cannot decipher that social media offers much more than posting photos and videos.

A data-driven and dynamic social media marketing plan can help your brand achieve remarkable results and turn customers into brand supporters by connecting and communicating with your target audience, amplifying your message, and increasing traffic to your website. And for that, you need a Digital and social media marketing company like Yescom Media. It has been working in this field for more than 10 years and has a team of well-trained, highly professional, and creative groups of people.

Our Social Media Marketing Service for you

Performing Market Research:

  • Performing an analysis of the market of your service offerings and industry
  • Identifying local competitors who are currently outshining you in terms of audience size and engagement.
  • Examining successful content and messaging in your industry.

Creating Engaging Organic Social Campaigns:

  • Analyzing content that has a high level of engagement with your target audience
  • Regular posting and scheduling
  • Monitoring participation and interaction

Creating Data-driven paid social campaigns:

  • Creating custom audiences to target your company and brand more effectively
  • Creating copy and imagery for effective social ads
  • Ad copy split-testing
  • Tracking and enhancing paid social advertisements

Tracking your social campaigns:

  • Keeping track of your audience and optimizing your reach
  • Keeping track of engagement rates and optimizing them
  • Optimizing click-through rates and leads
  • Optimizing your paid social campaign's ROI

Reasons to Choose Yescom Media as Your Social Media Marketing Service Agency in India

  • Increase your brand visibility and attract more online users to your website with integrated SEO and social media marketing services. To increase organic traffic, Yescom Media’s Facebook social media marketing and other SMM experts conduct extensive keyword research and create SEO-optimized content that addresses your customers' search intent.
  • With our social media PPC advertising services, you can increase the number of impressions and engagement on your PPC ads. To increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) across social media marketing channels, we identify your target market, determine high-performing keywords, implement sponsored updates, and use compelling images, videos, and captions.
  • Boost your audience engagement and strengthen your YouTube social media marketing and other SMM efforts with engaging social media videos. Our social media video marketing team has you covered for everything from interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to tutorials and promotional product videos.
  • We create strategic social media content, encourage your best customers to leave online reviews on the platforms of your choice, and resolve issues that harm your reputation.

What are the different types of Social media Marketing?

Other than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, social media marketing takes many different forms:

  • Content marketing/ content reading
  • Advertising/ sponsorship
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media management/ community management
  • Paid media
  • Building your following
  • Contributing to forums
  • Reviews

Why should I use social media for my business?

The majority of people around the world use social media platforms daily. You would be doing your brand a lot of harm if you did not use these platforms to increase online visibility and engagement with your target audience. Before making a purchase, many customers look for a brand's social media pages or profile to review. You must establish a social presence for your company so that existing and potential customers can review your online activity and interact with you more casually. Consumers who are not ready to buy are more likely to engage in a Facebook chat or contact you through Twitter or LinkedIn than to request a consultation through your website form.

Our social media marketing company analyzes your crowd culture to determine the best way to introduce your brand and connect with your target audience. We:

  • Conduct thorough social media audits
  • Create your distinct brand voice.
  • Check that your brand's logos, images, and social media posts adhere to your branding guidelines.
  • When creating content and responding to online discussions, use your brand tone.
  • Participate in social gatherings.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your branding efforts.
  • Create your marketing persona.

Yescom Media offers social media marketing services to small businesses, enterprises, and multi-location businesses. Our social media marketing experts can help you with your campaign whether you own a startup or a Fortune 500 company. Join forces with us and let our social media marketing agency increase the visibility and integrity of your brand!